Sep 17, 2010


Yesterday in the

opening ceremony of life,

death cuts the ribbon!

In the night...

aroma of the night queen

arouses me.

Rhythmic love

mash the wound of mind

to make the sonata of heart.

The mind soul

and the knowledge goal

plays the fungus role.

I asked the mirror,

who is in me? It

compel me to spoil to other!

World is corrupt

every thing is corrupt,

except the truth!!

Mixture of dreams

melting as creams

before to swallow..

Silence of ocean

noise of river,breaks

the mirage of life.

Virus in a memory,

canister in a fruit,

spoils the raw data.

Romantic thunder

lies on the Earth, and flows

into the joy of tears...

lyrical lambaste

to a lamb lamarckian

as hail hits the haze.

1 comment:

Raja Puniani राजा पुनियानी said...

Rupesh, I enjoyed your poems. Your poems are innocent and sincere. It would be fruitful to you and justifiable for your poems, if you put more effort. Rest, you are readable!