Mar 24, 2015


Who knows?
The fate scrawls the fate
And begins the unwritten fate
For the fate!

Sometimes strength was the fate
Sometimes not!
Now the money is the fate over the world
You don’t believe it either
Your fate will depressed you
In the initial point of your life!

The History says it was there
Where it would be…
The Politic says – see it is here
Where it would be and damn expectation
Says- it is there in between money and politics

And now money and politics is one’s fate
Do believe it!

No matter what the history says,
No matter what the politic says,
No matter what the perception says
Better you delete your expectation from the traditional dictionary!

The fate is there hiding beside your
Unwritten fate!!

Mar 3, 2015

Shall I touch you?

When I saw you there in the K.D. road
My heart said:
‘Shall I touch you?’

And I said: ‘…calm down
My heart!
She is the real one…ah!’

Since then

You know nothing
When my volatile heart gossiping
Your absence on the same way
Where I am walking too,

You know nothing
When my naughty mind thinking
Your presence on the same way
Where I am walking too,

This is only to see you via ever in the K.D. road
Which you might be thinking
It’s a coincidence!

K.D. road is not meant for the vehicle
I thought it’s for us which was
Connected you and me
In the very next day of my office!

It was you coming there
And I suddenly adjusted my looks!
Tried to be a cool,
An unknown!
Your innocence
Your silence
Your gently smile… caught me
As a thief, though
That situation
Clicking my blushing heart, again…,

Shall I touch you?
‘No, No, No…,’
I thought, you might say…
But, my nervous heart always says
When you come to near me!
Even though
I strictly control
My naughty mind to misbehave on you,

You know nothing
When my clever eyes looking at you
Your poetic face started to sing a melody
From my nervous heart:
You are the one whom I love to see
You are the one whom I love to chat
You are the one whom I love to touch
You are the one whom I love to feel.

You are the one…
Shall I touch you?

May 8, 2014

Daily Life

My Photography
These photos were taken at Howrah at Calcutta




Apr 20, 2014

Rose sample

My Photography
These are the varieties of Roses sample taken at Ooty, Tamilnadu

All total 16, the garden is beautifully managed by tourism department of Tamilnadu and it is qiute interesting to visit there in between the varieties of Roses. Huge garden it takes almost 40 minutes to  look-over.

Apr 10, 2014

Photo gallery

Photo gallery
              Dr. Samar Sinha giving lecture on Language Technology at Sikkim University, Nov. 2013

                    SMIT Assistant Prof. giving lecture on OCR at Sikkim University on 22nd Nov, 2013

Dr. Udit sir giving lecture on Computational Linguistics in the NLP programme at SU on 22nd Nov. 2013

 Dr. Kabita Lama delivering lecture on Standerization of Nepali Grammar in the NLP programme at SU, 2013
                                                In the final day of NLP programme at SU, 2013

In the final day of NLP programme Sir Parashmani Dangal, Editor of Samay Dainik, Nepali daily newspaper saying something before distributing the Certificates to the participants at SU, 2013

Photo gallery

Photo gallery
Lined Shoes at Rumtek Monastary, Sikkim

Rai and Limbu priest chanting at Banjhakri Falls, Sikkim

contrastive nature (photo-2)
This photo had taken at Cauvery.