Jan 26, 2012


1) The Village finger
Playing with the tea leaves
On the dusty Carpet.

2) Nimble finger slightly
Touching and romancing with the
Youth tea leaf.

3) 2 leaves, 1 awl making
The youth of Darjeeling
Very energetic.

4) Aroma of green gold
Affair with poor hand
Romancing with rich hand.

5) Labor, smile, sweat
Are the flavor of tea
Always experiencing by different Tongue.

6) There will be no taste
In tea, without the smile
Sprinkle in the garden.

7) Very cunning hand, snatched
 The pretty bite from the honesty villagers.

8) Going up coming down
Peshok itself has unique beauty
On the lap of Darjeeling hill.

9) Nearby my home
Falls on Zen, I never influenced
By it.

10) Ever in the millet field
Dove, come to see me,
I appreciate its peace.

11) Preoccupied mind, goes up to the hill
But foothill is awaiting.

12) Tragic death, historic moment
Fly over the consequence.

13) In frigid winter
Darjeeling looks very
Romantic and  pretty.