Dec 19, 2012

Myth in the Village

Mysterious life
In the village, mingle the
Vision of society
To the farthest city of the Myth

Evil dances, even though the
Belief Proclaim the sincerity
From the very beginning, deep
Into the soul, deep into the mind!

The myth in the village…

Cat does not know,
Why am I
Crossing the way of the people?

Caste does not know,
Why division of class in the society?

Untouchable does not know
Who is going and coming on the destination?

Steps do not know
There is restriction on threshold in the dusk!

Illusion in the village…

Always suffocating
Always murmuring
In the house of myth

It would be better
The myth would die before it born.

Apr 17, 2012

If I play with …

It was first weekend
Of the second month

1997, she was playing
Under the tree with her parent

It was offside…

At the
Same time
My legs pause the
Motion, eyes lost
The way, heart
The speed

Mind changed the topic

I felt something
Missing there
In a cage
In a boundary

Like smile
Like enjoyment
Like romance

All together like Love

Likewise I was thinking
At the same place
At the same time
On the same grass

If I play with her…

Sorry friends
Sometime dream comes true
Now she is my wife
We have a child
Playing together at the starting point!

And a child has started watching us over here!!

Mar 6, 2012

Anna! One miscall…!

Oh! What a surprised…
Childhood came to close
Just for a miscall

Just for a satisfaction as optimistic being at all…

I couldn’t recall those days and those stages
Unless innocent smiles knocked
Me, very frequently!

Anna! One miscall…
Anna! One miscall…
Anna! One miscall…

Unknown face requested me.
How dare m I?
I was smiling… instead to say, no/yes!
                     … Instead to say!

Perhaps! I was smiling…
I was pretending sincerely
Act like

Childhood still awaiting my response
Awaiting my behavior
Awaiting my sincerity

Sorry! I don’t have phone.
Ask him, he has. I pointed Dr. Sitaram.
And went out

I hurt I myself
On my own cruelty

There is nothing behind childhood
Nostalgic behavior represents childhood
To stretch their hand towards me

Towards you!
Towards family!
Towards society!
Towards everyone’s childhood!

Expecting a miscall for humanity!!

Anna> Elder brother in the Dravidian Language.

Jan 26, 2012


1) The Village finger
Playing with the tea leaves
On the dusty Carpet.

2) Nimble finger slightly
Touching and romancing with the
Youth tea leaf.

3) 2 leaves, 1 awl making
The youth of Darjeeling
Very energetic.

4) Aroma of green gold
Affair with poor hand
Romancing with rich hand.

5) Labor, smile, sweat
Are the flavor of tea
Always experiencing by different Tongue.

6) There will be no taste
In tea, without the smile
Sprinkle in the garden.

7) Very cunning hand, snatched
 The pretty bite from the honesty villagers.

8) Going up coming down
Peshok itself has unique beauty
On the lap of Darjeeling hill.

9) Nearby my home
Falls on Zen, I never influenced
By it.

10) Ever in the millet field
Dove, come to see me,
I appreciate its peace.

11) Preoccupied mind, goes up to the hill
But foothill is awaiting.

12) Tragic death, historic moment
Fly over the consequence.

13) In frigid winter
Darjeeling looks very
Romantic and  pretty.