Sep 9, 2011

There is a Nation!

Unique beauty of the nature,
Beside snow field, above the cloud,
There is a nation…Darjeeling.

Up to the hill,
Down to the foothill,
Few slope, more zigzag way to the countryside
Very artistic feature of this nation.

Narrow road towards the town
Muddy path towards the village
Very gentle steps toward the home.

Steps for the home
Paths for the village
Roads for the town
Gracious gift for this nation.

It has green gold
It has white gold and
It has natural gold 
These are the real wealth of this nation.

But, it
Doesn’t make the sense, what the real nation has?
What the real nation doesn’t?

All are diluting
All are mashing
By the fluent words, with the tricky mind.

No such care from u
No such response from u
No such …?...?...?...?...?

No such intimate being a part of the country.

In this matter,
No objection my honor!
But, let me know the answer, if somebody asks me.

Are u Indian?