Mar 6, 2012

Anna! One miscall…!

Oh! What a surprised…
Childhood came to close
Just for a miscall

Just for a satisfaction as optimistic being at all…

I couldn’t recall those days and those stages
Unless innocent smiles knocked
Me, very frequently!

Anna! One miscall…
Anna! One miscall…
Anna! One miscall…

Unknown face requested me.
How dare m I?
I was smiling… instead to say, no/yes!
                     … Instead to say!

Perhaps! I was smiling…
I was pretending sincerely
Act like

Childhood still awaiting my response
Awaiting my behavior
Awaiting my sincerity

Sorry! I don’t have phone.
Ask him, he has. I pointed Dr. Sitaram.
And went out

I hurt I myself
On my own cruelty

There is nothing behind childhood
Nostalgic behavior represents childhood
To stretch their hand towards me

Towards you!
Towards family!
Towards society!
Towards everyone’s childhood!

Expecting a miscall for humanity!!

Anna> Elder brother in the Dravidian Language.