Nov 4, 2011

Do not disappoint me:-(

No matter
What the hell is going on…?
In my Nation, in my Emotion.
Coz, suddenly fluctuate
The blood pressure in the Village.

But, the thing is that,
Do not disappoint me.

I don’t like
The person who disappoint me
Because, I am a kind man and
Wholehearted too.

So, do not bother me
About saying the Nation.

If I angry,
It will lose the temper
If I lost the temper
It will lose the sense.
If I lost the sense
You will treat me as a mad…

And you know that,
Mad can do anything for Existence.
It is reliable and birth right also,
That is why, I am talking about
The Existence of Darjeeling.

Oct 1, 2011

Zen Garden


Peaceful and

a very attractive,

Garden for the lover.

Lover who loves the nature,

Who find the love

in everywhere. Come

and sit here on

the floor to

feel the nature.

Just for a while

keep the body,

Soul and Spirit

in the meditation

to make the love,

lovely, peaceful and

a very attractive mind

in the Zen garden.

Sep 9, 2011

There is a Nation!

Unique beauty of the nature,
Beside snow field, above the cloud,
There is a nation…Darjeeling.

Up to the hill,
Down to the foothill,
Few slope, more zigzag way to the countryside
Very artistic feature of this nation.

Narrow road towards the town
Muddy path towards the village
Very gentle steps toward the home.

Steps for the home
Paths for the village
Roads for the town
Gracious gift for this nation.

It has green gold
It has white gold and
It has natural gold 
These are the real wealth of this nation.

But, it
Doesn’t make the sense, what the real nation has?
What the real nation doesn’t?

All are diluting
All are mashing
By the fluent words, with the tricky mind.

No such care from u
No such response from u
No such …?...?...?...?...?

No such intimate being a part of the country.

In this matter,
No objection my honor!
But, let me know the answer, if somebody asks me.

Are u Indian?

Jul 22, 2011

The Inner Man

Can I make you understand!

Still I am thinking,
Still I am sinking,
Under the traditional value
Whenever, I am fighting for you to feed.

Make you silent
Make you polite
Make you satisfied
Are not only the matters.

The matters
Whoever asking you to live life,
as human being.

Right from the beginning,
Maya, Mane ever plucking the tea leaves,
This has become the tradition in our tea garden.
But Maya, Mane
Never getting much more
Glow on their cheeks,
Never getting smile on lips
Never getting complements on their hand.

Can I make you understand!

Still I am thinking
Still I am sinking
Under the commercial value
Whenever, I am fighting for you to feed.

That only the reason why
See! Others
Feel! Others
And make changes
However, the needs make you deserve.

Break the traditional blindness!
Break the traditional sincerity!
Break the traditional thinking!
Break the traditional value!
These are suppressing you!!

Apr 14, 2011

Somewhere in the world

People are Dancing and Singing
People are Romancing and Enjoying
People are Suffering and Facing Cannibal Holocaust
Somewhere in the world.

Few are Homage
Much more are Damage in
the terrible Tsunami of Humiliation,
Somewhere in the world.

Few are saying their favorable life
Much more are praying for their miserable life
Somewhere in the world

Somewhere in the world
Somewhere in the world
Somewhere in the world

Few have certain smile
Much more have an uncertain smile
who are surviving under the same roof,
Somewhere in the world

Somewhere in the world
Tremendous Ego ruins the mankind
those who are permanently blown away
by the jealousy of landslide

Somewhere in the world
Hurricane devastating the human behavior
to loyal inhuman behavior.

Mar 12, 2011

In the jungle’s airfield
melodic phrases cheer the poor.

Painful moment
Strikes the mind
For the tomorrow's sunshine.

I saw the tear of nature
Flows on leaf to experiencing
The Truth’s taste.