Sep 17, 2010


No more to say…

The day before to sleep...

I tried to sleep...

The night before to wake up…

I tried to wake up…

because , the dreams have destroyed…

because , the feelings have ruined...

in between the fragrance

of death and life...

The Inner Man

Can I make you understand!

Still I am thinking,
Still I am sinking,
Under the traditional value
Whenever, I am fighting for you to feed.

Make you silent
Make you polite
Make you satisfied
Are not only the matters.

The matters
Whoever asking you to live life,
as human being.

Right from the beginning,
Maya, Mane ever plucking the tea leaves,
This has become the tradition in our tea garden.
But Maya, Mane
Never getting much more
Glow on their cheeks,
Never getting smile on lips
Never getting complements on their hand.

Can I make you understand!

Still I am thinking
Still I am sinking
Under the commercial value
Whenever, I am fighting for you to feed.

That only the reason why
See! Others
Feel! Others
And make changes
However, the needs make you deserve.

Break the traditional blindness!
Break the traditional sincerity!
Break the traditional thinking!
Break the traditional value!
These are suppressing you!!

If I play with …

It was first weekend

Of the second month

1997, she was playing
Under the tree with her parent

It was offside…

At the
Same time
My legs pause the
Motion, eyes lost
The way, heart
The speed

Mind changed the topic

I felt something
Missing there
In a cage
In a boundary

Like smile
Like enjoyment
Like romance

All together like Love

Likewise I was thinking
At the same place
At the same time
On the same grass

If I play with her…

Sorry friends
Sometime dream comes true
Now she is my wife
We have a child
Playing together at the starting point!

And a child has started watching us over here!!

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